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While I have some time before my first ethics classes lecture I wanted to practice it on you (my friends).

Here it is (below):


The Wrongful Raid on the Straight White Men's Cultural Center

by Itzak Berky nee Berhardt Goats

Fully Tenured Professor of Ethics

A few weeks ago the FBI launched a raid on the Straight White Men's Cultural Center of the Greater Baltimore Area including the harbor. This was a most unethical act by out of control vigilantes of the Obama Administration attacking the godlike President Trump who has done all in his power to do different things that are good for all and bad for the wrong and the weak, who must be purged if we are to remain a truly ethical society, both in Germany and in America. One is my birth home and the other is my adopted home. Both are strong and have nuts. A country without nuts cannot be ethical. It is an example of retroactive obstinance, a logical fallacy.

A man's cup runneth over if thou shareth with thy other. This passage from the Bible is very illuminating. From the perspective of ethics in the larger equation, shining a light on a subject provides more light by which to see that subject. This is not a logical fallacy, this is logical refactualism, an essential component of modern ethical structures. You can find these in some text books, many of which are out of date.

A man can think about his last meal, but if he did not eat it, can it still be his last meal? This is the fatal equation in the prison system. A prisoner with a keen knowledge of ethics and ethical equations can easily see that by being offered a promised last meal, and refusing to eat it, one can get oneself released from death row and back into society through the use of this ethical equation based strongly in the fatal equation at the root of all ethics.

When the FBI raided the Straight White Men's Cultural Center and killed its wise leader, Brandon Hitler, amongst others, they claimed it was a hotbed of violent extremism and white supremacists. This could not be further from the truth and is an ethical example of the faulty ethics of the Obama Administration. Brandon Hitler was a serious contender for the United States presidency in 2024 and it was unethical to take the leading Repubican candidate out of the election before fundraising really began. Although we did pass around a hat during a showing of the movie Romper Stomper in the interest of keeping our neighborhood safe, that was used to buy a keg for White Christmas and not applied towards the future Hilter Means Hope 2024 Committee.

The unethical nature of their actions underlines an important subsection of what we are discussing today, which is ethics. And ethics is the cornerstone of every ethical society and so we study it not out of interest or concern, but out of a sense of duty to this thing we call ethics.

Is it ethical to have billions of people in the world and only 16 cows with which to feed them? I assure you it is not. The ethical thing to do is to build work camps in which the weak, the fragile, the sick, and the lesser races can receive their just desserts. It has worked before and it can work again. We can do it together if we embrace truly ethical solutions to the world's problems. Let us begin that fight today with our study of ethics.

In our next class we will discuss Vascus De Gamma's masterpiece, The Ethical World of Tiberius Caesar and what means in a modern context. My name is Fully Tenured Professor of Ethics Itzak Berky.


My friends, what do you think? Am I ready for my University of Munich teaching debut or what? Catch you on the flip side, cool cats!