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It is likely I caused a LOT of trouble for myself, as well as for my patient, by haphazardly running electrical current through our bodies at the same time using really high voltage.

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Swilling. I am a psychiatrist. You should come see me. I can HELP.

My patient, Berhardt Goats, appears to be dead. However, his chest is moving. On its own. Unsettling. Just moving around. Moving about. To and fro. Weird.

Tonight I had a fine meal of boar taint with green vegetables and a fine merlot. I feel better already and SO READY TO HELP YOU WITH ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. Please help. I may have killed my patient. Need help covering this up in case he is dead. Anyone good with this? Can you talk to someone at the next nodermeet? Oh God I feel so bad inside. SO BAD INSIDE. It is like there is a FIRE IN MY BELLY and I WANT TO KILL SO BAD.

Please send $70,000 in unmarked bills to my home address. This will help with Friend Behr's medical care IN THE EVENT I DIDN"T KILL HIM WHICH IS POSSIBLE UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

Are you circumsized? Tell me about it. Tell me ALL ABOUT IT.

I need to pee.

Medically yours,

Dr. Peter Swilling