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I had a weird time at the whorehouse today (which is what I call the place I go to pay for sex with women kinda a term of affection) which I cannot get my finger wrapped around my head about. This impactful thing that impacted my life in impactful ways was when I chose my lady friend from a selection made available to me (being of sound mind and body) it seemed the pickings were thin. I am not sure if you understand what slim pickings are but I will explain that it is when the pickings appear to be very thin. Most of them looked like they belonged in the work camps I have written proposals about and mailed to President Trump (enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope or SASE as we call it in the world of professional businessmen). This was depressing because they needed to be forced into backbreaking work not being on their backs for businessmen. They were not attractive in any realistic way and they seemed to like putting push-pins (which is what I call those pins you push into corkboards) in their arms repeatedly (also disappointing and a reason for extra-long shifts in the work camp to straighten their narrow asses out!)

I wanted to turn off the lights so I didn't have to look at her or what seemed to be a preference for allowing spoiled green and yellow jello (a name brand product) to leak out of her vagina (affectionate term for pussy). She asked if I was nervous and if I wanted something called "gentle and soothing conversation." Not knowing what the fuck that was, I walked out of there after pushing an empty prop dresser out of the way for dramatic effect (doing something that will effect people dramatically).

They banned me so I am looking for a new whorehouse. I may have to venture outside my comfort zone (which is also my kill zone when I take "hostages" to "torture," "maim," and eventually kill). With Halloween coming up I look forward to continuing my quest this year as I do regular reporting from my home that doubles as the brain center of my efforts to take over my neighborhood through the use of eminent domain which includes an amendment that allows you to use extreme prejudice when exercising it.