Back in the 1970s, when I had big sideburns and a really, really greasy clump of hair that grew out of one spot on my bald head and I would nail it down with hair oil and slick it back to conceal my baldness, there were many books written on world subjects. You might know this already. Books were first written in the 1940s after our invasion of China gave us access to papyrus and fountain pens, so there were obviously books written in the 1970s. Some were written by absolute cunts. Others were written by knowledgable people like Henry D. Schmidt, the author of the expose, The Sex Pigs of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This is something to jot down, and by that I mean put down the damned beer and get your notebook of new learnings and write that down. NOW.

If you've ever been locked inside a parking structure while the gatekeepers clasp their hands together and converge on you for a breeding session you will NEVER forget, you are familiar with the works of Henry D. Schmidt, the professor of letters who trained Dineesh D. Soto the future filmmaker in the finer points of lovemaking at a very early age. He was very interested in writing about things people were being misled about, such as the real purpose of NATO, which was a place for filthy liberal orgies and globalists being around with their filthy ways. I don't know what else to say about that. It seems wrong somehow, but my fact review tells me it is "okay."

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you might be living in the past and might need to get with the times? I think you need to. Why don't you hop up on my lap and I'll tell you about the future. You'll be sure to feel something growing between us, which was something great to say to random women in the 1970s that is no longer allowed today. Maybe we need to bring that back and stop trying to live in the future.

When Professor Schmidt wrote his gorgeous, leather-bound tome in 1972, he was exposing cracks in the LIES we'd been told about NATO by globalists who lacked the foresight to see the need for nations to go it COMPLETELY on their own. They were idiots, and NATO was their playground. This is one of the points being made in this excellent book.

Founding an organization with the expressed intent of creating a "sex farm environment that soaks up American taxpayers' hard earned money that the govenment has NO RIGHT TO" took balls. How did a bunch of nabbering pansies like those in NATO get those kinds of balls? They borrowed them from unknown sources in the Ukraine. This has been PROVEN many times over.

Henry D. Schmidt created cheese in the 1930s, so he knows what he is talking about. He is a businessman, as are all good people. He also wrote some books. This is one of them. An author who is not a businessman is as completely useless as a piece of wheat toast with shit on it. You throw those books out. Throw them out now. I will wait here. Fill up your trash can. From now on, you read business books only. Learn about business. NOTHING ELSE. We see the kind of human scum produced by organizations like NATO and we know what to do, but we do not yet have the balls. We have to dissolve everything down to its base components and begin again. Now that the swamp is fully drained, we need to bleach the decks and we need to do it in the next decade to prevent further uncontrolled breeding by the ingrates.

This brings us back to NATO and its sex pigs. Before I came to Baltimore in the early 1970s with my mother, I was fairly high ranking in the Stasi and had one of the best kill totals in the history of East Germany. Henry D. Schmidt gives me kudos on this in the book as he describes how the sex pigs of NATO would project images on our side of them fucking on their filthy submarines so that we'd be unable to function in our spy capacities. They confused us with big tits and beavers with big mounds of hair on them, soaked with excitement juices, and it was hard to eat a sandwich.

I'm glad Professor Schmidt exposed this harsh truth about the real purpose of NATO and why it needs to be abandoned along with our entire missile defense system in Europe. We must embrace and trust our Russian brothers. They know what is best for us. I have agreed to act on their behalf after I am elected. Disbanding these kinds of fake military organizations and groups that just promote a sick and twisted liberal sex agenda is a top priority, as is drawing down our military in the USA to 1 percent of what it is currently. Things will be fine. I have spoken to Mr. Putin about handling our defense needs. He was very amenable.

Reading truthful books like The Sex Pigs of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will open your eyes to the reality of the world we live in and make you less naive than you get from reading fake mainstream books. Remember: If a book isn't written by a real businessman, throw it in the trash and disavow these wrong writers. They have no business until they learn business.



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This is for the 2003 quest on Indonesian history.