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"Take all the cotton candy...leave them the apples" -Zozo
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He has the dorkiest voice I've ever heard. I want to put him in my pocket.

mojo jojo: "maybe dreaming is done by everyone, and you're only dreaming the dreams of people whose minds you allow into your own"..a weenie, wabbit bitboy
footprints: my wonderful mentor
cureobsession: Has a cross-eyed cat
dead: wants to take me out on a date *teehee*
eternal one: Met him this summer..a great friend.
Pakaran: Someone I met on e2 and can always talk to.
mordel: My twisted, mind-fucking pal...who I absolutely adore.
achan: My walking stick.

I miss DMan...

e2 user hair collection...
Please send your hair (from your head please) to:

RT 1 box 365-X
Weslaco,Tx 78596

What has been said to me:

"You are such a cynical bitch"
"You're a freak. You scare me."
"Wow. You're like a professional" =)
"You are the worst thing that ever came into my life."
"My mom hates you because she thinks your psychotic."
"What do you mean you don't want me? Everyone wants me!"
"Want to run-away together? I'll support you. Please, be with me always"

peeps i've placed in my purdy pocket:

  • mojo jojo- he complains a lot
  • gangstafeelsgood
  • pakaran-he turns into a cute little 2 inch smurf =)
  • discofever