It aggravates me as to how much I've changed since I was a kid. Disney Studios is regarded as one of the landmark animation houses ever to come full circle with the marriage of vibrant emotion,theatrical timing, and wonderfully articulated character illustrations. All grown up and currently pursuing a career in CG modelling/animation, old Disney movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves act as learning resources in providing me with many nuances of the animating field that every serious animator should learn.
But oh lord, have these movies changed since I was a kid.
The constant, general stupidity and utter ditziness of Snow White is disgraceful. I've driven over speed bumps with more common sense.
The lighthearted, almost mocking attitude towards Dopey's struggle with his blatant retardation.
and my worst hangup is Snow White's amazing ability to freestyle song lyrics without any preparation or early warning. She just busts out entire award winning songs. Whether she's cleaning the dwarf house or running from her homicidal auntie, she can just DO MUSIC like it was nothing. I can't even order my DSL service without stumbling over words like 'the' and 'connect', let alone sing an entire 3 minute spectacle off the top of my head.

I realize my opinionated views on a children's film or, at most, weakly stated and frightening. The simple joys of an animated musical and quirks of an odd lot of dwarves are quite beyond my adulthood grasp. {{Sigh}} I loved being a dumb kid...a lot more than turning into an all too serious young man.