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Sword and Fist

A Guidebook to Fighters and Monks

A Dungeons & Dragons Accessory
ISBN 0-7869-1829-2
Price: US$19.95
by Jason Carl

This handbook for AD&D3 is a useful addition to any campaign that has fighters or monks. If your character is a monk, insist that your Dungeon Master read a copy (buy her one if you must). Its useful contents include:

Note that many of the sections are not worthwhile - read the section on Tactics with a grain of salt. Nothing is outright stupid, but really, this is a primer of obvious things, and not the "hey, that is a really clever trick" sort of idea.

The section on "Doing the Math" is actually bad. There is too much information here for DMs who will get annoyed at minmax strategist, and not enough to get it right. 5 minutes and an Excel spreadsheet give you more useful data than this does.

Cost: US$19.95