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In sports it is a good idea to try to reduce the lactic acid build up in your muscles. Lactic acid causes your muscles to get tired and eventualy leads to pain.

In swimming, lactic acid also cause the body to use more blood (actualy the oxygen in it), and this makes it so that the swimmer can not hold his breath as long. So to avoid such strain on the body, there are ways to reduce the amount of lactic acid built up in your muscles.
  • Don't go all out! Too much kicking and pulling will wear you out too fast. Pace yourself!
  • Keep your line! This might be very new to many swimmers, but you hafto align spine. This reduces resistance in the water, but everything must be in line even your neck! This also gives you more power by aligning you body's structure.
  • Rail! Swim rotating side to side (but keeping your line), reaching from your side gives you a longer stroke and more power in the rotation.
  • Keep some tension in your body! Having tension allows your body to navigate through the water easier by making sure you power is put where you want it. If you are too loose you will "wiggle" in the water instead of keeping a firm path.
  • Streamline with body dolphins (full body kicks starting in shoulders while in your line) while in our level of least resistance (see foot).
  • PRACTICE!!! If you don't know what you're doing, or have any endurance you won't get very far.

*you can find this level in the water by pushing of the wall strait. Feel the tensions of the water wprking on you body. Once you found your right level you should feel almost none of these tensions. Your level should be between 12 and 18 inches depending on your height