Coleman is the manufacturer of a vast array of outdoor recreation products. They make everything from coozies to tents and camp stoves. Many of their products are of high quality, but many of them are inexpensive and geared toward a particular camping paradigm.

Coleman camping is a style of camping where comfort and convenience are king and the weight of your equipment and supplies is of no concern. Typically, the camping equipment is brought to the camp site by way of an automobile and is not carried very far. Food (and very often beer) is stored in bulky coolers (some even have wheels to make them easy to move!) with plenty of ice (or, in this modern age, some coolers plug into the cigarette lighter of your car!). The campers usually sleep in three-room "tents" (read: palaces) on inflatable mattresses inside of two-person sleeping bags. Many other conveniences such as folding chairs (even couches!), folding tables, mosquito nets, citronella candles, solar showers, and gas stoves can also be spotted at a Coleman campsite.

Please, don't take this node as a stab at Coleman camping! There certainly is a time and place for it. However, just with any time spent in the outdoors, we must remember to respect nature and to leave it as beautiful as we found it so that the next generation can enjoy it as well.