Here's the recipe for a delicious Maple Porter (I've tried it out, and it came out really well!):

Type: Extract with grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Alcohol: 8.1% (by volume)


This yeast will require a starter because of the high alcohol content of the beer, so plan a few days in advance...

First, put the grain in a muslin bag. Put some water in your brew kettle and put it over the heat. Put the grain into the kettle to steep, remove it once the water reaches boil. Add the extract. Boil for 60 minutes. Add hops at start of boil. Add maple syrup 2 minutes before the end of boil. Cool, add water to reach five gallons. Pitch yeast around 75 degrees. Be patient with this one, the longer it ferments, the better it will taste! To bottle, boil enough water to disolve the corn sugar, dump the sugar water into the bottling bucket, and then rake into it. It also took a decent amount of time to carbonate well (oxygen blocking caps are a good idea!).