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I was a woman in my dream and I was alone in the dark in my 3 story house. I walked in the house from the garage, I had just gotten back from the store. The house had huge windows on the bottom floor everywhere, I saw headlights coming up the grass at the back side of the house and I got scared. I crawled below the window and peeked outside the drapes but still could not see who it was.

I ran upstairs to search for something, anything really to defend myself with. I rushed down the spiral stairs and saw more and more cars coming towards the house. I prayed that they would get whatever it is they wanted and just leave me alive. I ran around the house locking every door I could find. I locked the front doors, the back doors, even the side door. I ran to the front of the house and heard the jingle of keys and I saw the door knob turn and the door opened.

In walked a man, I figure my husband with a cake telling me that all this was a surprise and a joke in one. I was so terrified in my dream that I laughed and cried at the same time.

Don't remember anything else, odd to be a woman.