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Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Psalms
Book: Psalms
Chapter: 44

A petition for succour and relief.

1-8 Former experiences of God's power and Goodness are strong
supports to Faith, and powerful pleas in Prayer under present
calamities. The many victories Israel obtained, were not By
their own strength or merit, but By God's favour and free Grace.
The less praise this allows us, the more comfort it affords,
that we may see all as coming from the favour of God. He fought
for Israel, else they had fought in vain. This is applicable to
the planting of the Christian Church in the world, which was not
By any human policy or power. Christ, By his Spirit, went forth
conquering and to conquer; and he that planted a Church for
himself in the world, will support it By the same power and
Goodness. They trusted and triumphed in and through him. Let him
that glories, Glory in the Lord. But if they have the comfort of
his name, let them give unto him the Glory due unto it.

9-16 The believer must have times of Temptation, affliction,
and discouragement; the Church must have Seasons of Persecution.
At such times the people of God will be ready to fear that he
has cast them off, and that his name and Truth will be
dishonoured. But they should look above the instruments of their
trouble, to God, Well knowing that their worst enemies have No
power against them, but what is permitted from above.

17-26 In Afflictions, we must not seek relief By any sinful
compliance; but should continually meditate On the Truth,
purity, and knowledge of our Heart-searching God. Heart sins
and secret sins are known to God, and must be reckoned for. He
knows the secret of the Heart, therefore Judges of the words and
actions. While our troubles do not drive us from our duty to
God, we should not suffer them to drive us from our comfort in
God. Let us take care that prosperity and ease do not render us
careless and lukewarm. The Church of God cannot be prevailed On
By Persecution to forget God; the believer's Heart does not turn
back from God. The Spirit of Prophecy had reference to those who
suffered unto Death, for the Testimony of Christ. Observe the
pleas used, ver. 25,26. Not their own merit and Righteousness,
but the Poor sinner's pleas. None that belong to Christ shall be
cast off, but every one of them shall be saved, and that for
ever. The Mercy of God, purchased, promised, and constantly
flowing forth, and offered to believers, does away every doubt
arising from our sins; while we pray in Faith, Redeem us for thy
mercies' sake.