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Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Psalms
Book: Psalms
Chapter: 65

God is to be praised in the kingdom of Grace. (1-5) In the
kingdom of Providence. (6-13)

1-5 All the praise the Lord receives from this Earth is from
Zion, being the Fruit of the Spirit of Christ, and acceptable
through him. Praise is silent unto thee, as wanting words to
express the great Goodness of God. He reveals himself upon a
Mercy-seat, ready to hear and answer the prayers of all who come
unto him By Faith in Jesus Christ. Our sins prevail against us;
we cannot pretend to Balance them with any Righteousness of our
own: yet, as for our transgressions, of thine own free Mercy,
and for the sake of a Righteousness of thine own providing, we
shall not come into condemnation for them. Observe what it is to
come into Communion with God in order to blessedness. It is to
converse with him as one we Love and value; it is to apply
ourselves closely to religion as to the business of our
dwelling-place. Observe how we come into Communion with God;
only By God's free choice. There is abundance of Goodness in
God's House, and what is satisfying to the soul; there is enough
for all, enough for each: it is always ready; and all without
Money and without price. By Faith and Prayer we may keep up
Communion with God, and bring in comfort from him, wherever we
are. But it is only through that blessed One, who approaches the
Father as our Advocate and Surety, that sinners may expect or
can find this happiness.

6-13 That Almighty strength which sets Fast the mountains,
upholds the believer. That Word which stills the stormy ocean,
and speaks it into a calm, can silence our enemies. How contrary
soever Light and Darkness are to each other, it is hard to say
which is most welcome. Does the watchman wait for the morning?
So does the labourer earnestly desire the shades of Evening.
Some understand it of the morning and Evening sacrifices. We are
to look upon daily Worship, both alone and with our families, to
be the most needful of our daily occupations, the most
delightful of our daily comforts. How much the fruitfulness of
this lower part of the Creation depends upon the influence of
the upper, is easy to observe; every good and perfect Gift is
from above. He who enriches the Earth, which is filled with
Man's sins, By his abundant and varied bounty, can neither want
power nor will to feed the souls of his people. Temporal mercies
to us unworthy creatures, Shadow forth more important blessings.
The rising of the Sun of Righteousness, and the pouring forth of
the influences of the Holy Spirit, that River of God, full of
the waters of Life and Salvation, render the hard, Barren,
worthless hearts of sinners fruitful in every good work, and
change the Face of nations more than the Sun and Rain change the
Face of nature. Wherever the Lord passes, By his preached
Gospel, attended By his Holy Spirit, his paths drop fatness, and
Numbers are taught to rejoice in and praise him. They will
descend upon the pastures of the Wilderness, all the Earth shall
hear and embrace the Gospel, and bring forth abundantly the
fruits of Righteousness which are, through Jesus Christ, to the
Glory of the Father. Manifold and marvellous, O Lord, are thy
Works, whether of nature or of Grace; surely in loving-kindness
hast thou made them all.