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One of the things that will drive you nuts on the golf course is when one of the strangers you're playing with says, "Hey, what club did you just hit?" If your regular playing partners ask you this, you don't mind telling them 'cause they know how far you hit your clubs. But a stranger asking you this is akin to them asking you how much money you make or how big your dick is. First, it's none of their damn business. Second, it doesn't help them assess their situation in life at all. Tiger Woods just hit a 7-iron out of deep rough almost 200 yards dead across the Pacific Ocean to a tiny green yesterday at the U.S. Open. Had my ball been lying next to his in that rough, what good would it have been for me to ask, "What did you hit there, buddy?"

However, just for a general reference for those of you new to the golfing game, here is an approximate distance you should expect from each of your clubs. If you're hitting them further than this, perhaps you should try hitting them straighter! If you're hitting them much less than this, go get some lessons from a PGA Pro in your area.

  • Driver - 250 to 300 yards.
    Obviously, the bigger the stick, the bigger the differential in distances for folks.
  • 3-Wood - 210 to 240 yards.
  • 5-Wood - 190 to 220 yards.
  • 3-Iron - 180 to 200 yards.
  • 4-Iron - 180 to 190 yards.
  • 5-Iron - 170 to 180 yards.
  • 6-Iron - 160 to 170 yards.
  • 7-Iron - 150 to 160 yards.
  • 8-Iron - 140 to 150 yards.
  • 9-Iron - 120 to 140 yards.
  • Pitching Wedge - 110 to 130 yards.
  • Sand Wedge - 80 to 100 yards.
  • Lob Wedge - 60 to 70 yards.