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x - or - o?

i can't sleep; i w|i started wearing |i haven't done our
as offline for a w|a wrist supporter |resumes  yet.  you
hile, i laid down |today..with all of|come  back shortly
to read a lame-o g|the time i've been|and you need a job
irlish  mag  to pa|on e2 lately, my w|worse  than  i do.  
ss the time while |rist/hand/arm/etc |i'm  sorry,  erika
i thought of you. |have started to re|i have no  freakin 
an hour later, i j|bel. i'm uber worr|discipline  lately
ust had to come se|ied since i'm only|and i wish i could
e if by chance psy|24, and my life wi|gain some  sort of 
chic sleepiness wa|ll depend on usage|balance in my life
s indeed a reality|of my hands. it's |*sigh* i shouldn 
youre  not online.|ambidexterity time|t gamble your life
she rambles on and|                  |he said  he doesn't         
on in #e. am I the|                  |understand why we s
only one bothered |                  |hould be each other
by the fact that s|      tic         |s date for valentin
he admittedly 'doe|      tac         |es day. friends don
sn't get' e2 -- so|      toe         |t bring friends flo
lely  out of refus|  f               |wers or celebrate r
al since we know s|  r               |omance. it's like c
he's a smart gal--|  i          x    |heating on a diet .
why should we endu|  e  or      or   |that hurt more than 
re the CRAP that s|  n           o   |anything malicious
pews from this unh|  d     foe   ?   |you could ever drea 
appy child's mouth|                  |m up. forget it all
The digital second|i needed some kind|        
counter on my watc|of  drugs tonight.|  FUCK YOU..grr         
h just looked like|i am so grateful t|  i   can't  stop 
it was trying to j|hat i  didn't have|  thinking  about 
ump ahead while i |access to  any. it|  you .  you know 
wasn't looking. It|forces me to evalu|  i  didn't  want 
appears that time |ate the nature  of|  to   feel  this 
is one big hoax an|and  my tendencies|  way   but   you 
d is controlled by|toward  addiction.|  worked aslans 
those blue guys fr|so i masturbated a|  magic and  now  
om the twilight zo|nd thought of  him|  the burning man 
ne. I saw it! I sa|and now i'm edgier|  has a meaning:  
w it! It was proof|than ever. help me|     passion     

let's toy with the edge of psychosis, shall we?
BTW, this was all his fault.