CJ Carella's WitchCraft
A RPG by Eden Studios, Inc.

The world of WitchCraft is a world of myth, magic, and conspiracies. On the face of it, it is our world. The average Joe has no idea of the forces at work. But hidden in the framework of society are legends. The Knight Templars exist. Wiccans can tap into the power of nature. The Rosicrucians have lodges across the world. And darker powers wait for the unwary.

Players can play a wide range of characters, from magical adepts to hard-nosed detectives, werewolves to Immortals. The setting has some resemblance to White Wolf's World of Darkness, though with a grittier, more realistic aspect.

WitchCraft is run off of d10 based Unisystem. This class-less, level-less method is a bit like a cross between GURPS and BESM. There is a wide range of skills and abilities, and a little bit of competence will go a long way. Basic attributes (strength, dexterity, etc.) are added to the applicable skill (such as stealth). The player adds that number to a roll on a d10, and succeeds if the final number is 9 or above. Of course, if the task is particularly hard or easy, that number can change.

Angels and Zombies:
WitchCraft has many sourcebooks and spin-offs. Two of the more popular are All Flesh Must Be Eaten, a zombie and zombie-hunter game, and Armageddon, which takes the WitchCraft world into a possible future. That world has everything WitchCraft has, plus angels, devils, demons, godlings, World War III, and the Anti-Christ.

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