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A character from the Marvel Comics universe. He is a possible future incarnation of the Hulk. He first appeared (as the Maestro) in Future Imperfect #1.

The Maestro used to be the Hulk. After decades of hounding, scorn, and betrayal, the Hulk started to lose his patience with humanity. They began to disgust him. Then, somebody set off a nuclear holocaust. This killed off most of the Earth's heroes, but the radiation only made the Hulk stronger. This is when he started calling himself the Maestro. He then created a city called Dystopia that was shielded from the radiation. He ruled completely in this city, and had access to as much food, materials, and women as he wanted. In his mind, he was only getting that which he was denied earlier in life.

A (very) small resistance movement was started to fight the Maestro. It's leader was Rick Jones, sidekick extraordinare. They found Dr. Doom's time machine and used it to go back and get the Hulk of our time. They brought him to the future to fight the Maestro. The Maestro broke Hulk's neck when they first met to paralyze him until his healing factor overcame the injury. This temporary paralysis gave the Maestro enough time to tell the Hulk what the future had in store for him. He offered the Hulk co-leadership of Dystopia. The Hulk refused, and a fight ensued. The Hulk transported the Maestro to the heart of the gamma-bomb explosion that created him, which atomized him. (Sorry about the messy pronouns. When you're dealing with the 2 of the same person, it's tough.) Needless to say, the Hulk won, and returned to his time.

What Savage Beast, by Peter David tells the tale of a meeting between the Hulk and a Maestro from a slightly different future. This Maestro kidnaps the Hulk's child and all around pisses him off. He fell into a temporal nexus and disappeared.

So, the Maestro is dead. But the Hulk might still turn into the Maestro. Things like the death of his wife and the appearance of the Wild Man (referenced to by the Maestro as one of the Hulk's tormentors) all seem to lead to a future ruled by the Maestro. Hopefully, the Maestro will stay dead.