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warning: weirdness ahead

The scene: A rally at Rutgers University. Thousands of people milling about, chanting something about elbows. I move closer, and it seems the chant goes something like this:

elbows for Allah!
the spanner has found the hundredth name of Allah
now we have Crayola
to make the ravioli
... but "Crayola" and "Ravioli" were pronounced to rhyme with "Allah" ... something like cray-ah-lah and rav-i-ah-lah.

Everyone's holding a incandescent pumpkin with the top removed; the tops are all spinning at incredible speed above the heads of the crowd in synchrony. This is not perceived as abnormal.

I run.

next scene:
A holiday dinner at my mom's. Like all holiday dinners at my mom's, this consists of me, my mom, and my cat Paisley. Paisley tells me I need to refill the water tank (in order to use the Digital 8 video camera). I was hungry. I disobey. She got mad.

...and then we're woken up to the daily tune of Final Fantasy 8 ...