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Hey, another CRFH fan who is (or was, rather) on E2. Well, let me update.

New Characters: Blue, Mike's sister, made appearances in a couple storylines, but hasn't been seen since Holidays Too. Her love interest is Dave, and not only does this throw Dave into an emotional tailspin because of his attraction to Margaret, but this has caused many a fight to break out between Dave and Mike. Then you have Diana, a prostitute and rumored transvestite, who currently dates Roger. Plus there's the parents of all of the roomies, though the only ones of immediate interest are Roger's mom (who's a were-cat of some sort) and Mike's mom, who's inherently evil.

Maritza has extended her empire past the webcomic, however, by releasing two dead trees comics under KeenSpot Publishing. CRFH #1 and #2 are available on the CRFH website.

TODO: List of all the storylines in CRFH so far, w/ brief synopsis.