Now everybody knows the fun things that can be done with Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis etc), however, in my experience the trip is always tainted by the icky "I have just eaten too many poisonous wild mushrooms" feeling. There is a way round this though, extract the good compounds, leave the bad ones...


This is highly illegal, it can be dangerous and if you screw it up you may lose your entire batch of mushrooms (or your eyesight or your life, depending on what you do). Isopropanol is bad stuff, it will make you go blind if you drink it and the fumes are nasty too, keep the room well ventilated at all times.

You will need:


Dry your mushrooms on a baking tray on the lowest setting your oven can manage. Crush them up into a powder and place them in the jar with a crushed vitamin C tablet. Cover with twice their depth in Isopropanol. Put two or three inches of water in your pan and put it on the stove to boil, once it is boiling, fill the glass with ice, place it in the top of the jar and place the whole lot into the pan (it may be a good idea to use something to insulate the glass jar from the hot pan bottom to prevent cracking). The ice in the glass should prevent the alcohol evaporating too much but open a window anyway. Remember to keep the glass full of ice, empty out the melt water frequently.

         | \______/ |
 ^^^^^^^^|          |^^^^^^^^^
# = dried mushrooms
X = ice
~ = alcohol level
^ = water level (in pan)

Keep the glass topped up with ice and wait for 40 minutes. Strain the alcohol with the filter paper, poor the alcohol into a bottle or something and return the residue to the jar, add more alcohol and another vitamin C tablet and repeat the boiling process. Repeat the process a third time, now you should see the alcohol stay far clearer, that is because all the good stuff is in the bottle.

Now just wait for the alcohol in the bottle to evaporate, this can be helped by making sure there is very good ventilation (isopropanol fumes are nasty) and there is as much surface area as possible for the alcohol to evaporate, I poured the alcohol into a lasagne dish.

Once all the liquid has evaporated, you wil be left with a powdery residue, pour water into the dish to suspend this, ensuring all the white stuff is in the water, now decant the water to a bottle, drink when required. To preserve the magic, freeze anything you are not going to drink immediately


It seemed like some of the potency has gone from what I would expect from the original batch of mushrooms we used, however, it is possible to take a lot of this stuff much more quickly than a batch of mushrooms and I imagine it could fuck you up pretty badly. Take it very easily and start small.

It goes without saying that all the usual drug taking precautions apply