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this a dog barks and how crazily houses eyes people smiles faces streets steeples are eagerly


ing through wonder ful sunlight ---look--- selves,stir:writhe o-p-e-n-i-n-g


,come quickly come run run with me now jump shout(laugh dance cry

sing)for it's Spring

--irrevocably; and in earth sky trees :every where a miracle arrives


you and i may not hurry it with a thousand poems my darling but nobody will stop it

With All The Policemen In The World

~e.e. cummings 73 poems #63


There are very few links in this poem for a reason. I chose to do it that way. I didn't want to change the emphasis on certain words: I didn't want to mess with Mr. Cummings' text format too much, so I put the links down here: dog * crazily * smile * steeple * eager * wonderful * sunlight * look * dream * laugh * dance * cry * sing * earth * miracle * poem * darling * policeman * Have fun!

Why I like this poem aka why I bothered to node it on E2 and why I want it to stay:

A few years ago, within the span of one month, I broke up with my boyfriend, the founder of my school died, and my country went to war. It was not a good month. For quite a while, I was reeling. One day, driving along the highway, I noticed banks of forsythia in bloom. Then I noticed the redbud trees, and the dogwood blossoms that were getting ready to do their thing. While I was busy fretting, the world around me had been preparing for Spring. Egomaniac that I am, I remember feeling glad that I was not in charge of making Spring happen, because frankly, I had too much on my plate already and I would not have gotten around to it yet.

(listen) is about rebirth. It's about new-ness and opening our selves to the world and being a part of it and it evokes the senses; there's JOY in it and love (yes) and it celebrates NATURE, beyond the control of humans, Policemen or not. It speaks to the inevitability of the changing of seasons, and perhaps changes within ourselves. It makes me happy.

There. I feel better now.

CST Approved