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Cat hair is an annoyance to both felines and humans alike. The substance is found wherever cats reside. Cat hair is most often associated with the felis domesticus, because their sedentary nature allows it to accumulate quickly.

Cats tend to shed hair year-round, but shed it most often following the winter months. At this point, their human companions must often decide what to do with it. Often humans will vacuum it during ritual domicile cleanings, especially if it is the annual Spring Cleaning rite. Other humans will try to find more creative uses for mass of cat hair. No matter what the remedy, eventually it can lead to a level of frustration. This is epitomized in Jon's famous question: "What am I going to do with all this cat hair?" Garfield then suggested that Jon make another cat.

Besides the rapid accumulation problem, some humans have problems with allergies as well, and will avoid cats at any cost. This tends to lead to unpleasant social situations

Finally, cat hair is a problem for the cats themselves. Through their constant tongue baths, felines will gather hair inside their digestive system. This hair is eventually (disgustingly) discharged, creating a hair ball.