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This is very good as part of a main course, along with easy potato cakes and a spicy tomato sauce. I'd recommend serving it thus:

Stuffed Pepper with half a baby artichoke heart on it. Potato cake with spicy tomato sauce poured over it, half an artichoke heart on top. Roasted strips of zuccini, half a sliced hard boiled egg and another half artichoke heart, all drizzled with 15yr old balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Teaspoon of red onion marmalade on the side.

Mmmmmm good.



In a pan put both the green and black lentils. Juice the lemon and add the juice to the pan along with the sprig of rosemary. If you are using vegetable stock cover the lentils 50/50 with vegetable stock and cold water. If not then crumble the stock cube over the lentils and then add cold water. Make sure that the height of the water is about thrice that of the lentils. Put the pot on a stove and bring to the boil. Once the water is boiling recude the heat and cover. Let simmer for around 25mins.

While the lentils are cooking dice the salmon, the dried apricots and the semi-sun dried tomatoes into quarter inch cubes. Also half the peppers length wise and remove all pith and seeds from their insides.

Once the 25mins are up empty the lentils into a sieve and allow to drain. Remove the sprig of rosemary. Let the lentils cool slightly.

Once the lentils have cooled down slightly return them to the (now empty) pan. Pour two or three tablespoons of walnut oil over the lentils and then mix in the salmon, apricots and tomatoes. Mix together untill all the ingredients are well distributed throughout the lentils.

Pack the lentil mixture into the pepper halfs. Once they are packed place the peppers into a baking dish. If you wish to, finely grate parmesan cheese over the peppers.

To cook. Put the baking dish(s) into a warm oven at 200C (aprx 400F). Remove after 30mins.

Serve! See serving suggestion at the top of the node. Consider one pepper-half per person if you're using it as a side dish, or two halves per person if its the main item.

Enjoy! :)