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Groovetech is an internet radio station that streams electronic music to listeners around the globe via Real Audio. I first discovered the station when I became sick and tired of the retro playlist that never changes on the radio station that everyone listens to at work and I've been fairly impressed with their programming.

Groovetech features DJs who spin vinyl in the entire spectrum of electronica, although their tastes sometimes lie too deep in the tech step department for my liking. I think they take requests. Last week when they were playing house I emailed them to thank them for it and they replied and played house all day.

They're real, they seem humble and they like to goof around while while on the wheels. Realplayer's window often shows them dancing while they cue up records. Its too bad that they only are online during business hours in eastern standard time (holidays excluded) as when I'm busting my ass after hours, its nice to have a little aural entertainment that doesn't involve Britney or Nsync or anything from 1985.

I swear, if I hear Come On Eileen once more, I'm gonna lose it.