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I started with a palindrome and look forward to moving on.

I'm from Vancouver Canada, but I'm living in Melbourne Australia now.

Please note: Australia. The other side of the planet from America (and Austria, for that matter). Meaning I don't get on here at the same time as most other people. I'll happily edit and change any entries of mine - I'm new, I need the feedback - but I need to do it on a different time scale than most other people.

I wrote this one about Bright Eyes. It got deleted. I didn't get angry, but I will get even. One day.

Bright Eyes is a younger, less punk-ish Nick Cave. Bright Eyes is a drunk, male, brash Cat Power. Bright Eyes is painfully shy, but craves attention. Bright Eyes wears his heart on his sleeve.

When your girlfriend or boyfriend has just dumped you, or your best friend has been stopped for drunk driving, or you learn your sister has a nasty heroin problem, you will find comfort, or at least a kind of messy camaraderie in his words.

Sing along. It doesn't matter if you can't. It's important that you do. Music as therapy.