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Sanrio's little male kitty character, Hello Kitty's childhood friend.

Born in London on May 3rd, Daniel Star's hobbies include photographing wildlife, dancing, and playing the piano. His favorite foods are cheesecake and yogurt, and he lives in England with his parents and a younger brother. Daniel's hairstyle is a little bit like that of Don King's - it defies gravity. He is very sentimental and naive, has an excellent fashion sense, and is good at hip-hop dancing. He and Hello Kitty were constant companions when they were very young, but when his father was posted to Africa the whole family moved. They traveled around the world after that, ending up in New York and then returning to England.

Dear Daniel was introduced in 1999, and is mostly seen alongside Hello Kitty. They appeared together in a series of McDonald's Happy Meal toys in Asia, wearing wedding costumes from around the region. The U.S. Happy Meal promotion featured Dear Daniel as his own toy, a plastic car with a rolling rubber stamp on the bottom.