1. Love arrived with bells, whistles
then left just as quickly (door slammed shut)

2. Love sneaked up behind me, covering my eyes.
Guess who? She asked. I'm sorry. Was her last voice message.

3. Love was reading the other side of my newspaper.
Wire rim curious. She left behind three subscriptions.

4. Love stood next to me at a concert, hips twirling in time.
She taught me some moves, including stealthy exits.

5. Love wore a football jersey to the ballet.
I just like purple, she said. She apparently wasn't attached to it.

6. Love drank beer with a straw while eating fried oysters.
I complained about her diet until the day our fridge was empty.

7. Love ran 10 miles a week and had the legs to show for it.
When I could finally keep up with her she said she was tired.

8. Love was watching her boyfriend win a chess tournament.
She followed me home when I lost. I think it was a draw.

9. Love has promised me forever, over and over again,
so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.