"I don't like you," she says. It's an odd thing to say first thing in the morning. Odder still, considering she is whispering this to my back, her right arm wrapped around my waist as we lie bare under covers in her almost noon bed. It's a Saturday and she is explaining her distaste for me as she does a pretty fair imitation of nuzzling on my shoulders. "You are arrogant and impatient, neither of those are good traits, you should know this..."

There are so many things I could say but she seems more in the mood for a monologue, so I let her go.

"I don't think we will get along well because I don't like your choice of clothing and you're still in school and I'm not. I just think you should be aware of the hurdles.." She continues on like this for a bit, while her hands are exploring regions she seems less bothered by at present. It's a struggle not to laugh out loud, but I resist.

Crawling on top of me, with a face that is serious and calm, she tells me how ill fated this enterprise will be. "It never works with me, ok? Guys want things from me I can't give them and I want attention they aren't willing to give. It's destined to fail, is what I'm saying." I finally burst out laughing and her serious face dissolves into rolled eyes and a grin she can't hold back. She leans down for a kiss or three and then pulls away long enough for a serious glance- one of those head turned to one side assessments: "You don't believe a word I just said, do you? "

I shake my head and she dives back on me. I think her last word was "good", but I'm not sure.

You can tell I'm not that good of a listener.