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Some people use their notebooks as confessionals. Others use them as launching pads- a place to send out dreams; to shoot off fantasies.

My notes are descriptions (scraps of paper generally, not even a notebook). They are a track record of places and people. Much more a window than a mirror, and therefore much more about what surrounds me, as opposed to what is in me . Like the piece above me I am constantly looking out and taking it in.

It is all external: What I remember, what stays with me and what I write about it. The small details of every day are always more interesting than anything I might be troubled with or preoccupied with at the moment. The fact that there is fiction interwoven into the "true life" history should be implied. If it is not then I suppose this a declaration of that as well.

What exactly is the point? Well I suppose the point is at least one thing:
Writing on this side of the screen is not a mirror of my world. It is much more a narrative description of the world as I see it. I know to some it reads as notes from a lab with a microscope: discussions of minutiae. To others I hope it is more a plate glass window. A clear description of the small pieces of the world. Pieces I am trying to blend together as a mosaic. Like Templeton I am inviting you to put your hand to the glass. Let me know if you can feel it.