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Exploiting a cursory knowledge of the computer system

Domino's Pizza in the U.K. now accept orders online. Once an order is placed, it appears on the computer system of the branch nearest to the delivery address, and the appropriate stickers for the pizza boxes and the delivery map are printed automatically. While working at Domino's Fareham over the summer I got a phone call that went something like this:

"Hi, this is Dave from the Domino's online helpdesk. I've got an order here that hasn't hit your system and I'm, going to need you to put it through manually for me.

"Okay, the telephone number is ____ ___ ___. And it's a returning customer so the address should have popped up as __ _______ _____. Now, the order is for one large Deluxe minus N. One large Cheese and Tomato with Z, D, I and M. Two Temptations, and a 1.25 Diet Coke.

"The customer's already paid online, so F9 the order as usual but select 'E-Debit' as payment method.

"Okay, that should be all. Goodbye."

Note the verbing of F9. This may be all it takes to sound convincing as a Domino's employee. As with any of the suggestions on this node, something like this will work best when the place is busy. The person on the other end of the phone is going to be more worried about getting through the three or four callers on hold than verifying the veracity of your claims to pizza.