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e·ver·sion (e-vûrzhn, -shn) n.
1. The act of turning inside out.
2. The condition of being turned outward.
Dictionary of the English Language

eversion: casting the virtual world unto the real, multi-threading virtual/real and actual/possible.
Marcos Novak / A.D Profile 133

e-version: the e-lectronic version of me.

In my experience, the moments of greatest clarity come when you read or are told something you already knew intuitively. Something that you've never had either the experience or need to formalize in your mind before. By being shown old words in a new order, you're intuition takes shape and becomes recognisable as a form that you can hold up against others like it.

Not all nodes can be all things to all men. Whilst I hope to learn how to write for a larger audience than I have previously experienced (i.e. more than just a handful of friends or teachers whose preferences are already known to me), some of the topics I like to cover are aimed at certain subjects and thus certain people. Architecture being one of them. Unfortunately, due to the lack of architects around here, they generally garner the least amount of +votes of all my nodes. That's OK, I'm not here for the XP; honest.

"Dear Mr McGee,

Please find enclosed, the latest demo from Liquid Greek. Derided by the main stream as shoe gazing also-rans, the band have nevertheless persevered with their 'off kilter or nothing' policy in the hope that someone like your good self will eventually realise, and thus promote, this violent yet ultimately beautiful genre which we have dubbed new noise.

The first track is based on the high pitch lamentations of an unbalanced Lincoln woman, who nurses injured buzzards back to health inside her dead child's wardrobe. We hope you like it.

Yours sincerely,

Liquid Greek.

p.s - we don't like sport of any kind and friends at school were, very much, thin on the ground."

Get Kramer by Half Man, Half Biscuit

Templeton's CD

  1. Audioslave - We got the better bomb
    I've never forgotten hearing RATM for the first time. Chris Cornell is probably the only guy who could front the rebirth and pull it off.
  2. Skunk Anansie - Weak
    The best track on their album Paranoid and Sunburnt. Powerful stuff but I think the lyrics on the rest of the album are disappointing.
  3. Breeders - Canonball
    Breeders anthem that they must get tired of playing, apparently the Buffy theme tune is a big favourite at their gigs
  4. Muse - New Born
    Great guitarists who believe that the piano is a communist instrument because of it’s linearity. Whatever. Good album, but by the time it’s over you get fed up with the wailing.
  5. The Sultans of Ping FC - Where’s me jumper?
    Early nineties work of lyrical genius.
  6. Half Man, Half Biscuit - Get Kramer
    The track that provided the quote above. Other classics include ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Trumpton Riots
  7. Primal Scream - Kill All Hippies
    I love the sample on this, not sure where it came from though. I like playing it when I’m wearing my orange bell bottom flares.
  8. Nitin Sawhney - Street Guru (part 1)
    From his second album - Prophesy. Shortlisted for the 2000 Mercury Music Prize with his previous album.
  9. The Prodigy - The Dirtchamber Sessions (track 2)
    Saw these guys live in the summer of '93, the week I started Uni. Fond memories for me. Got the idea for this track from your mention of Jane's Addiction on your homenode.
  10. Turin Brakes - Painkiller
    First single from their new album Ether song, my favourite bands usually figure guys and guitars somewhere.
  11. Radiohead - Creep (acoustic)
    The best band in the entire world. No exceptions. Beautiful acoustic version of one my favourite Radiohead tracks. I'm learning this on guitar at the moment.
  12. DJ Shadow - Six Days
    I put this CD together during the height of the Iraq campaign; I'd be lying if I said it didn't have an influence.
  13. Elbow - Scattered Black and Whites
    I still can't work out how such a delicate voice comes from such a big guy. Beautiful, poetic lyrics.
  14. Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution
    Hugely influential reggae band from the 70's. Handsworth is in Birmingham round the corner from where I studied. In the years following the release there were terrible riots in the community.
  15. Nitin Sawhney - Street Guru (part 2)
    All these shit internet devices....

  16. /msg me if you'd like to do a music swap

    eversion is a relatively recent mathematical discovery
    eversion is greater than 15 degrees and inversion is
    eversion is like the first with time reversed and the other side of the surface showing
    eversion is fully successful in computing proper adjacency
    eversion is required to fully compensate this deformity
    eversion is much stronger when the electrode is moved backward illustrated by figures 3 and 4
    eversion is yet another challenge
    eversion is optimal not only geometrically
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    eversion is a concept parallel to that of imersion
    eversion is a 2d tile scrolling rpg engine
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    eversion is actually called the morin surface
    eversion is the movement of turning the sole of the foot outward
    eversion is shown in this mpeg video created at the geometry center at the university of minnesota
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    eversion is also possible up to a limit
    eversion is especially satisfying because it is natural
    eversion is almost it
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