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(Hinduism: Vaishnavism)

Within Hinduism, and in Vaishnavism in particular, there are five types of suffering. According to the degree of ignorance present in the living being (the jiva), his knowledge (jnana) is veiled accordingly. These give type of suffering are then meted out to him accordingly:

  1. Avidya (ignorance)

    To mistake that which is impermanent to be permanent; that which is full of misery to be full of bliss; that which is impure to be pure; and that which is not the self to be the self.

  2. Asmita (false ego)

    The bodily identification of "I" and "mine".

  3. Raga (attachment)

    The desire for material happiness and those means that will give it.

  4. Dvesa (hatred)

    Aversion to unhappiness or the causes of unhappiness.

  5. Abhinivesa (absorption in body)

    Absorption in the body as the basis for sense gratification; and fear of death.

List from Ragavartma-candrika
by Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura.