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Born in 1907 in Chicago, Art Frahm studied at Art Institute of Chicago.

In 1935, Frahm opened his own studio in Chicago and started to make pinups for several calendars. He created some of most wonderful pinups of the century with images of women losing their panties between 1950 and 1960.

Four years later, he and his wife Ruth had a baby girl, Diana, who became the model for his ad with a dog tugging at a girl's swim suit for Coppertone. Frahm continued his work in advertising for Coca-Cola, Schlitz Beer and Libby Foods. He is responsible for the Quaker in Quaker Oats.

Art Frahm died in Fountain Inn, North Carolina, in 1981.

Do yourself a favor and go see some of Art Frahm's Pinup Art at www.lileks.com. The whole site is wonderful but the commentary on Frahm titled "A Study on the Effects of Celery on Loose Elastic" is some of the best stuff on the web.