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What excellent idea to mix bleach (like Clorox) and ammonia (like Windex)! Let's just look into your future before you mix your first batch:

At first you will smile to yourself thinking "I wonder why no one has done this before! I must be the smartest person who ever cleaned anything!"

Then you will marvel at how well your solution is working. It is so wonderful you are seeing white spots in your peripheral vision!

After a bit of scrubbing you might think to yourself "I think I'll take a little break until this light-headed feeling wears off."

You will immediately wake up on a rolling bed on the way into an ambulance with a (hopefully) handsome EMT saying "It's a good thing you taught your children how to dial 911 - we arrived just in time." You will lose consciousness again.

At the Emergency Room (ER) they will stick a tube down your throat and tell you how dumb you are. When your husband gets there he will tell you how everyone knows you're not supposed to mix bleach and ammonia and you are dumb.

Who could have known (without a basic chemistry class) that bleach and ammonia combined give off toxic deadly fumes? but next time you will know to wear a gas mask.