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I met James Brown once. He came to a local radio station near my house. I waited for him to come from about 3 thirty till 9 at night. At last, his limo pulled up, and he got out, all smiles. He has a very big presence, especially for a man as small as he is. He was wearing all purple, but none of his purples quite match. When you are the godfather, you do what you want.

He got out, and immediatley began to shake hands. there were only about 20 people left waiting for him, but he was as excited as if there were 1000. He signed my dad's records, then he came to me and offered to sign my record. He pulled out his red sharpie, scribbled something, then smeared the ink. No one saw him smear the ink, except for me. To this day, my dad blames me for the smeared James Brown signature.

I admire James Brown. I have seen him other places, and he is always genuinely excited to meet his fans.