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Though it is true that Su Pollard is from Nottingham, and this is almost enough to warrant the entire place being nuked off the map (woman in question being an "actress" from pitiful UK sitcom Hi-de-hi, famous for being desperately, naffly terrible), Nottingham is actually a very fine place. A comparatively small city, it has a very young population (being a university city) and is therefore a city alive with a lot of energy and talent. Nottingham has a traditionally strong club culture and a ridiculous amount of bars - as in many.

One of Notts' fine strengths is its amazing strength in depth at participation sports. The people of Nottingham, though not fanatical like, for instance, the population of Newcastle, are very into playing sport - not necessarily watching, as the fairly small crowds of Nottingham Forest and Notts County testify. Many great footballing (soccering - blah!) talents have emerged from the city, with its nationally renowned youth leagues (Young Elizabethan). Also, there are many participants at rugby (union), where Nottingham are no longer a real force, yet still many young talents come through. There are a number of good junior clubs behind Nottingham such as Newark and Paviors.

There is the National Ice Centre, where the Nottingham Panthers play (ice hockey) and are moderately successful at the moment - the increased participation following the building of the stadium is likely to lead to greater takeup of winter sports and more Torvill and Deans...Nottingham's world famous Olympic champion ice dancers, who attended Frank Seely school. Plus...there is the Nottingham Tennis Centre, a great facility that is enabling the city to become a centre for tennis talent. The Tennis Centre holds the annual pre-Wimbledon Nottingham Open. Then there is Trent Bridge, the famous test cricket venue, which is being impressively renovated and provides great coaching facilities. Nottingham's cricket is very strong at a participation level - the Premier League of junior clubs is among the finest in the country. Add to this mix the success of the county's two athletics clubs (Nottingham and Mansfield), and a boom in minority sports (street hockey) and you have one of the Britain's most talented places as regards sport.

Nottingham (and Notts) is quite small, hugely busy (all of the country's traffic seems to go through it), and, in places, very beautiful.