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In Seattle, this is a neighborhood residing between Green Lake and Queen Anne to the north and south, the University District to the east and Ballard the the west.

the feel

The vibe is generally post-hippie, self-consciously artsy, or perhaps safely eccentric. It's certainly pretty, has a definite style, which is more than one can say about most of the other neighborhoods of Seattle. However, as of early 2001, this feel is slowly being replaced by the Belltown condo vibe. The central strip now has Adobe offices, and buildings which used to hold rad pubs (Red Door and The Dubliner, R.I.P.)are slowly being replaced by more crap apartment buildings.

defining area

If you want the feel of Fremont, head down Fremont Ave. down to where it intersects the overly complicated stoplight just before the Fremont Bridge. Lots of Shops and cafes there. It's a short walk from there to the attractions of the place, like...


Other than the coffee bars, try these:

Fremont TrollMontlake Cut