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A song by The Molly Bloom from the CD "TEMPORAREALITY". Lyrics by C. Casey. Note: I am personally acquainted with the author of this song, and I have obtained his permission to post the lyrics here. (Time permitting, I will add analysis as well at a later date.)

Come take a walk with me down to the land of used to be
The actors move about like people in a play
And in some way they transmit to me the words I say
See I have no control of the things that compose my soul
TV tells me all I need to know. Hm I don't know
All the sounds that I hear
Are acoustically altered before they reach my ear
All the words that I say
Are absorbed by the wind and carried away
The people that I meet when I am shuffling down the street
They try so hard to give an ordinary glance
And by some chance they often appear quite discreet
See peace is hard to find even inside of my own mind
Receiving signals down the lines. Is this a sign?
Action news on channel three
Then maybe later I'll sing along with MTV
With so many frequencies
It is no wonder no one listens to me
Even when I'm alone I'm surrounded by a crowd
Voices speaking out of turn, and speaking far too loud
For me to understand their meaning, let alone their intent
On such useless information are my faculties spent
Until the last synapse has melted and the lights go out