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a.k.a. The Talentless Mr. Mockney

Cheeky chirpy cockney Jamie Oliver was created by BBC2 to allow them to sell more cookbooks and videos. Their rationale is that a young, male chef would be more in touch with a younger demographic than Delia Smith. In actuality, Oliver is a vile, braying jackass, but by generating an artificial media buzz around him (see also Big Brother, Charlie Dimmock, Bob The Builder, etc.) everyone in the UK over the age of 40 was convinced that by not watching his shows and buying his merchandise, they were somehow missing out on a Big Thing.

Meanwhile, Oliver has gone on to produce a series of ads for a supermarket (where he patronises foreigners and his relatives) and released not only a record of his own band, but also a compilation of tepid indie tracks with his face plastered on the front of it. He falls into the category of celebrities that you are duty-bound to punch in the face should you ever meet them in real life, with extra kudos awarded if he happens to be riding a twatty little scooter at the time. Could be a close relation to Nathan Barley.