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Organic is a magic word. When printed on the packaging of any food item, that food suddenly gains the following characteristics :
  1. It is healthier for you.
  2. Its production was less harmful, or indeed NOT harmful to the environment.
  3. It will taste better.
  4. It is more 'natural'.
  5. It costs up to 200% more than it's unblessed equivalent.

The manufacturers can then go on doing all the nefarious things that they were doing before, but save some money on weedkiller/fertiliser/insecticide.

I have seen people doing there groceries who only buy organic things. If you're less apathetic than me, next time you see someone do this, point out to them the catastrophic environmental impact of driving to and from the supermarket (a type of store that wastes tons of food and consumables every week) to buy a load of "organic" products (which are filled of shelf-life extending additives after they are harvested) encased in petroleum-based plastics.

It's not exactly like you're growing stuff on your allotment is it?