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hi, maybe you look at my bio because you saw one of my one devastatingly powerful writeups (see below). so far i am on a pace of about one writeup every 4.75 years (or 0.21 writeups per year). perhaps i will pick up the pace a bit in the future, but perhaps not. between being a professional musician, social entrepreneur, record producer and bon vivant, i've not a whole lot of time for this. i do appreciate e2 & visit often, especially when needing certain information. it is hard to narrow it down, but every so often i'll need some information and insight into some problem or question or idea and it will immediately occur to me that this is the place to find my answer. i do a good bit more lurking than posting, and maybe i will try to change that a bit. but ever since i wrote what i thought was a very insightful and informative node (i even got a bunch of msgs telling me so!), only to have it promptly whisked away to node heaven, i'm less likely to.