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no time like the present

How long was that winter?
As long as I wished it to be.
But, not one day too late,
I was shaken from sleep
like an ugly cuttlefish
sealed in dead mucus
of her own petty angst.

(the agony… oh my.)

Hardened so beneath the sand,
the rain washed over me
restored my twitching tail,
my kicking heels, (cracker jack!)
or the wing that flashes
quick as the camera shutter
stealing a slice of light.

OK, here’s the photograph:
Central Park in green and gray
And every dark thicket
Tells me: "pull him over here"
forget your shame
There’s no time like:
never miss a kiss,
take everything,
winter’s gone,
make haste
make love
As if the years were really numbered.

(are they?)

Who can count evenly
with a pulse like this!

Man invented time
To measure sadness.
We stopped the clocks.

Susan Murray, September 13, 2002