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Sometimes it's hard to see why anyone would study anything other than drama. It's hard for me at least. So, here are the reasons why the other programs at our university (Carnegie Mellon) are important. I hope this helps to promote understating between us all.
Biomedical Engineering
This has to do with medicine (I think.) We need medicine in order to have healthy actors directors, set designers and audiences. Without meds there would bee much less theatre.

Chemical Engineering
This is very important. These people design paint removers and binding agents for scenery. They also make plastics that won't melt under heat for our light gels.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
These people help to build roads so that people can to drive to the theatre.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computers are very useful for sound and light designers as well as stage mangers. Many playwrights use computers. Computers are also used to run power plants and things like that that supply energy for theatres.

Mechanical Engineering
They make bulldozers to help build theatres.

The sets designers of life. They also design theatres for us to act in.

Directors and set designers get lost of great ideas from theses people. Let's Keep them around!

They make things nice to use and practical. We like ergonomic screwdrivers to build sets with.

We use it all the time! Music is good!

Without a healthy economy no-one can afford to buy tickets.

Playwrights love to read stuff, so do directors. The English majors can help us to understand that stuff that's not dialogue and not stage directions. Whatsit called? Oh yes! "narration."

We are a human art, humans have a history. They keep track of it for us.

Modern Languages
We like to talk! language is good!

Ideas are very important. It's hard to to anything without an idea. Maybe they can teach us to think.

Sometimes actors and directors go crazy. They will get us back to making plays.

Social and Decision Sciences
They study people. So do we! But we do it better! They help businessmen who help the economy and sell tickets for the theatres.

They can help us to determine how many nights to run our show. And where we should advertise. This is good.

Biological Sciences
They study animals. This relates to medicine and also tangentially art. We need doctors and artists.

Like I said before the composition of things is important!! Even little things. Every now and then they have some interesting new ideas that can be used in the theatre.

Wow. This is a big one . Without math there'd be no reason for the philosophers to get all worked up about determinism, thus no strange new ideas about human nature. No theatre like No Exit, Marco's Millions and Galileo!

My hands are getting tired from typing. I'm sure they're good for something. Like calculating the pulley ratios for rigging.

Robotics Institute
Robots are fun for large budget musicals.

Human Computer Interaction Institute
When I'm not working on a show I'm interacting with a computer, to work on the show, or to writing crap like this. They must be on to something