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"What do we do now?"

"We've trained for this. This time it's not a drill."

"Full alert?"

"Do you need to ask?"

"On it."




"Do we know where she is?"

"We got her vehicle, but she's not using it."

"What about her body tracker?"

"No signal. Either she's extracted it, or disabled it."

"Anything is possible at this point."

"We are getting eyewitness reports."

"Can we track her with that?"

"There will be a significant delay."

"Do we know where she's headed?"

"It looks like she's headed for us."

"F***. We need to evacuate."

"Are you sure? This would be a perfect -"

"No time to argue. Evacuate! Now!"





Streetlamps whizzed by below. Above, only darkness. Stars covered by invisible clouds.

There would be no light to guide her, not where she was going. 

When the streetlights faded outside the city, only the occasional passing car would tell her where the roads were. But she had something else.

She envisioned their location and tracked them with her mind. They were the guards of her virtual prison. She would be their unraveling. They should've known better than to build their own nightmare.

Fire dripped off her like molten steel, dissipating into ash as she streaked across the night sky. She wasn't about to be extinguished. Not yet.

She would drag them to hell with her if she had to.

She knew they were watching.