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"Your first creation."


"How's it going?"

"I'll admit it's been a while."

"How long?"

"A few billion years. I've lost count. The server can tell us."

"And nothing?"

"Nothing. It just sort of is."

"Just being."


"Some might say it has already attained enlightenment."

"I was hoping for a bit more."

"Not much to look at, that's for sure."


"How long do you wish to keep it?"

"We have the space, and since it's my first, I figure why not."

"True, true."


"There's something," it thought. "Something."

"It could be something," it thought again after a long while.

"What is it? I can feel it."

Another eternity passed.

"I do believe I like this," it thought. "This something."

"Yes, I like it, I really do."

"Mo," it thought, "I must have mo!"

But there was none.

"Mo!" it thought again. "Mo!"

Nothing happened.

It wasn't enough.

"Mo, mo, mo!" it screamed.

There was no one to hear it scream.

"Mo!" It still didn't know what it was, but it knew it wanted it. The first desire.

But nothingness doesn't give way so easily.

It was gettingĀ desperate. It could barely contain itself. It would have gasped for air, if air existed and if it had lungs, but neither was true.

"Mo!" it screamed desperately. It would have been heaving, if such a thing as heaving were real.

Just as its mind was about to explode, a sudden peace came over it.

"Om..." it thought.

It found calm in the nothingness.

"Om..." it thought.

Yes, something was still there.

It was warm. It was comforting.

"Mo!" it thought.

"Om..." it thought.

And that something formed out of nothing, with large gentle arms that picked it up, and cradled it to her bosom.