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Just do it.
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The Influence of Space Power on History
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Hi, I'm Jon. I'm the angry son. I listen to records, study history, drink a lot (less now than before), think hard, laugh at childish jokes, write like crazy, take things hard, blow things off, and take long walks. I'm cynical, mushy, merciless, sentimental, affectionate, moody, aloof, and a fool.

The main thing I do on E2 these days seems to be updating my comprehensive node on Fucked Up, but maybe someday soon I'll get around to doing some new nodes.

Here's a list of some of my favorite stuff at the moment; I'll try and update it once in a while.

  • Song: Fucked Up - "Year of the Pig"
  • Movie: Uzumaki
  • Book: Jon Savage - England's Dreaming
  • Comic: Fables
  • Animal: Octopus