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OK Wilson
Ease on down...ease on down...ease on down the feces.
Wilson, please do bring Goldman. Oh wait, if you bring Goldman, will that mean I will learn his first name? You had better not bring him. However, Goldman in person is rather impressive, and will frighten Colombo into taking manful possession of you. You had better bring him. Will he help us with party planning? Yes. Yes. Bring Goldman! We will work out sleeping arrangements later. Plenty of room for all.
Am reading one of the P.G. Wodehouse Jeeves novels. Narrator is helluv funny. Abbreviates everything and puts in funny bizarre Britishisms. Think you would enjoy.
Am attaching funny coffee enema article. Best part is the end. (Sorry for the pun.) I just appreciate how the writer immediately goes out and uses his newly healthy feeling to justify getting trashed on all manner of drugs. Good Stuff!

Call it Judy and her dream of feces. Call it Judy and her dream of feces. Dream of feces......
Will advise Goldman to accompany me to SF. Will have to accomplish this without Simon’s knowledge, as he would become very pissed that he was not invited. Do not think I could deal with him on any more trips, however. Goldman is ever so much more fun. Will explain to Goldman I may be spending time with Colombo as well. See what he says. Will probably be OK. I think Goldman will be marginal help in party department, but if shopping with him is any indication, he may require more help from us.
Do not think Simon has any plans to move out of my apartment soon. Wants to save money. Situation is uncomfortable in light of my romantic correspondence with Colombo. Simon and I are getting along OK and it makes me feel guilty. Have asked him repeatedly if he is moving and have told him I think it is a good idea. Have also told him that we should see other people. Do not know what the problem is in light of the fact that he broke up with me during your visit, except he now denies it. Do not know how he views relationship. Am afraid to get into it with him. Do not want to fight. Frankly, I could stand to save some money as well. Do not know how much longer I can hold out. I could be spending a lot more quality time with Goldman and other friends if he were not there. I do not hate him though, and do not want to hurt him. What do you advise? Am I a terrible person? I feel like a terrible person. I just cannot handle hurting anyone deeply and abhor conflict.
Have read coffee enema article. Do not know if it was best article to send me as far as unbiased info goes, but was entertaining. Am kind of afraid to get one now. Why must they make you watch the poo being flushed out of your bum? Do not think that is good. Am still considering having one, though. But first think we should try fasting/roughage combo. Or something of that nature. Got anything in mind? Know of any good cleansing diets? Will try one with you and report daily on results.
Over and Out
PS Will inform Goldman he is not to tell you his Christian name.