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If your reading this I really hope your not interested in knowing more about me. I dislike contrite little biographies, questions about my horoscope or what animal I would be. To answer the animal question, I am a human animal as I concieve we are the only animal who denies that nature due to the strutting of the ego. Ego wants to say something, so ├Čt will provide interesting answers.

I am a meaning junkie, I seek connections in consciousness for the sake of evolution or really good conversation and occassionally a celebration of epic proportions. getgypsy was chosen as a user name to honour the one and the true Eugene Hutz and his vision as realized through the gypsy punk supergroup Gogol Bordello. Frankly I want you to stop reading this and find their music, listen to the beats, read the lyrics and above all else dance to the music. God please dance to this music, if you don`t I would check your pulse or stare into a mirror really deep for a few hours to check the status of your soul because its written to get your soul to do more then tap a toe. Well maybe that`s just my perception on this thing, it seems to amuse me to think as much so I`ll continue to do so.

Anyways I could spend hours taking a particular view of myself but really in the end usually the writings do that. I enjoy music, books, writing, being in nature, the feeling of swimming beneath the sun but especially the stars, excellent conversation, alcohol which is shared between friends and family. I am madly in love with the concept of building a starship to travel the stars with and unlike many people feel this is something possible even if not in this particular round of dancing on the marble. If you want to read the best science fiction book ever I can only recommend The Final Reflection by John Ford and if you want to really devote time to seeing quality science fiction I recommend Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica.

I realized here I`ve told you less about myself and more about what I like. So if your really interested in knowing me I guess your going to have to explore those music, books and shows to get a feel for me. Homework usually dissuades interest! There`s more but let`s get this chocolate bar finished. Scratching the surface is all we really do in perceptions most time, deeper knowledge is a lifetime to earn.

So the concept, the plan, the ephemeral dream is this: To live life with meaning, to seek meaning and connections and to dance when you dance with joy in the act no matter how badly you seem to do it, the point isn`t to look beautiful, its meant to be spontaneous and energetic. When you write, realize you write for your soul and not to get in her pants, not to curry favour or to parade for some desire of fame. Meaning is a heady mixture equal parts reflection and celebration and doing it your way is the best course. Authentic living dear spirits is the aim of the arrow.

I firmly believe these two concepts which you need to think about together and separate to get the meaning of. Each of these lyrics is from Gogol Bordello: You and I resemble God, made by him to go after him and if we are here not to do what you and I want to do, and go forever crazy with it, why the hell are we even here?