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My Father's Dragon is a children's book written by Ruth Stiles Gannett in 1944. The narrator tells of their father (named Elmer Elevator) who befriends an alley cat. Soon, my father embarks on an adventure to save a baby dragon from the enslavement as river transport by jungle animals on Wild Island.

The short and pleasantly illustrated tale is very enjoyable to read aloud, and has a very text-adventurish feel, in that all of the supplies Father takes with him are very useful for overcoming his encounters with wild animals. (these include 'chewing gum, two dozen pink lollipops, a package of rubber bands, black rubber boots, a compass, a toothbrush and a tube of tooth paste, six magnifying glasses, a very sharp jackknife, a comb and a hairbrush, seven hair ribbons of different colors, an empty grain bag with a label reading "cranberry"...') There are also many tangerines eaten.

Gannett wrote two sequels, Elmer and the Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland, as well as Katie and the Sad Noise and The Wonderful House-Boat-Train. Her stepmother, Ruth Chrisman Gannett, illustrated the dragon books.

When I was young, my grandmother had this book, and I read the story believing it was about my grandfather. A month ago, I read the story to my 4-year-old nephew, who later wondered if it was my father in the story. There's no real reason to believe otherwise.