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Colonblow is a high powered laxative designed to remove impacted feces from your colon, much like a colonic, only without the joy of all that fun tubing.

The Colonblow website < www.colonblow.com > informs me that Colonblow's effects are felt about 24 hours after ingestion of the product and may persist for up to 36 hours after first impact.

The ensuing results are described as "rough," "rope-like," and "slimy." The rough stuff is presumably impacted feces, the slime is (I would guess) the mucus that lines the intestinal tract, and I have no idea why it's ropy.

Frankly, I don't really feel the need to explosively purge my colon at present, nor at any time in the future. However, I would be honored if a brave soul were to node his or her experiences with Colonblow below.

Can anyone else envision the applications of this stuff in pornography?